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What’s Your Elephant Workshop

‘What’s Your Elephant?’ workshop uses the creative arts in a safe space to reveal individual or societal “elephants” impacting their lives.


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What’s Your Elephant?

What’s Your Elephant is a movement that creates a safe space for people to use the arts to have dialogue and bring awareness to the unspoken. It includes visual and performing arts, interactive arts, creative community building, hands-on projects, workshops and events.

Art Exhibitions

What’s Your Elephant art exhibitions combine visual and performing arts focused on the unspoken.  There we highlight works from workshops as well as interactive arts. Artworks shown from local and national artists.


What’s Your Elephant workshops creates a safe space and gives access to the arts to the public to use the arts as a vehicle  to create work that focuses on their ‘elephants’. Community building, healing, sharing resources and dialogue is incorporated into art making.   WYE collaborates with community groups, artists, non-profits, and corporate organizations.


WYE uses the arts as a catalyst to create dialogue, healing, bring awareness and community building on the unspoken.  Via artists talks, community round-tables – bridging the gaps between various groups and communities.

Grants / Sponsorships

Organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need

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What’s Your Elephant is for and about the community and thrives from sponsors, partnerships and grants. We are grateful for the current and previous support and welcome new sponsors, partners and community partners.

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