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Mixed Media video installation by Niki Lopez

Trailer for Caressed – Mix-media video installation by Niki Lopez
Trailer – CARESSED – video installation by Niki Lopez

This is a trailer of the art video installation.  For inquiries on bringing the full installation of Caressed, #whatsyourelephant discussions or similar programs to your gallery or organization: contact us.

Caressed is a self-portrait, mixed-media video installation combining performance art and a poem I wrote about a traumatic childhood memory.  This intimate piece is the second installation in my elephant series and is connected the project ‘What’s Your Elephant’ – Creative Conversations about the Unknown.

The intention behind this work is to not only share a personal elephant but to have discussions surrounding unspoken topics such as abuse, survivors of abuse, awareness, the power of a ‘share’ and how the arts can be used to heal, to empower and to educate.

“It’s about acknowledging the elephant and owning it, so that it doesn’t define you.”  – Niki Lopez

My intention for #whatsyourelephant is to create a safe space where can share & bring awareness.  If sharing my elephants empowers even one person to consider their choices & its impact, speak up when they see an injustice or be a voice for the many who are still living in fear & denial- my job is done.

Caressed installation at the 1310 Gallery

Caressed is a video installation projected that debuted during the opening of the third “What’s Your Elephant’ art exhibit at the 1310 Gallery – Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts

Special thanks to: Tabatha Mudra & Jacqueline Romano in assisting the production of this video

‘What’s Your Elephant’ uses a combination of art exhibits, interactive installations and workshops. Using interactive arts to provoke awareness and facilitate discussions unveiling unaddressed topics.

WYE Workshops are facilitated by Niki Lopez & team, to read more: whatsyourelephant.org/wye-workshop

NBC 6 in the Mix, Johanna Gomez and Jen Herrera for the opportunity to share some of my story and #whatsyourelephant work in preparations for the talk and screening of Caressed.

NBC 6 in the Mix, MAY 28, 2019

MAY 28, 2019 4:10 PM Local Artist Shares Her “Elephant” to Help Empower Women Niki Lopez shared her story of personal empowerment to help those in South Florida ahead of her show this week.

Screening of Caressed at