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The Circle with Niki Lopez and Jai Tahlea Allen-Ible

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The Circle: LIVE and Jai Tahlea Allen-Ible was recorded live July 7, 2020

Welcome to ‘The Circle: LIVE with Niki Lopez!!! Tonight’s Guest: Jai Tahlea Allen-Ible

  • Peace Activist
  • Creatrix Expressionist
  • Founder of The Uproar Project

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The Circle: LIVE with Niki Lopez is a weekly series sharing stories of our creative community, activists & social entrepreneurs. Tuesday 8:30-9 PM EST on: facebook.com/nikilopezcreative  or youtube.com/c/Nikilopez19

The Circle is recorded live via Facebook and Youtube and is powered by Niki Lopez Creative and What’s Your Elephant®. What’s Your Elephant is a movement that used the arts to create a safe space to address the unspoken.

To find out more, go to whatsyourelephant.org