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What’s Your Elephant™ Art-Making Workshop & Conversation

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What’s Your Elephant™ Art-Making Workshop & Conversation


Art-making workshop and conversation led by Niki Lopez & Dr. Stephane Louis, LMFT – followed by Tea Dance closing for As a Matter of FACT.

Discover the power of art and conversations! What’s Your Elephant™ is a powerful movement that utilizes the arts to create a safe space for addressing the unspoken, healing through artistic expression, and destigmatizing mental health. Join us as we unpack the challenges we face individually and as a society through the transformative power of art.

What’s Your Elephant™ is a movement that uses the arts to create a safe space to address the unspoken.


Saturday, June 10; 2 – 3:30 PM at the 1310 Gallery

Limited seating, so you must RSVP by clicking below:

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This is an art-making workshop and community chat led by Niki Lopez and Dr. Stephane Louis, LMFT.

Supplies will be provided.

Impact to the Community

What’s Your Elephant gives the public greater access to the arts and uses the arts as a tool for community building, conversation, healing, de-stigmatizing mental health, advocacy and bringing awareness to many unaddressed topics.

This workshop is a part of the closing event for an art exhibition: As a Matter of FACT – showcasing works created by Niki Lopez and Khaulah Naima Nuruddin. After the workshop, please stay for the closing Tea Dance with DJ Onestart and a cash bar.


About What’s Your Elephant:

What’s Your Elephant™ (WYE) is a combination of art exhibits, interactive installations, discussions, and workshops that are designed to provoke awareness by unveiling unaddressed topics. Themes often include but are not limited to: gender, sexuality, discrimination, and abuse. WYE shows us how art can heal and be a tool to process complex conversations, helping us to unpack the things that we, and the world around us, are challenged by. WYE also intentionally aims to destigmatize mental health topics and counseling.



 A photo of Dr. Stephane Louis, LMFT and coach.

About Dr. Stephane Louis, LMFT and coach.

Dr. Stephane Louis is a licensed therapist and coach that holds space for clients to be exactly where they are and give themselves permission to feel whatever they feel. Her focus areas are: Self-esteem, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Identity, Sexuality, Coming Out, Diversity and Inclusion, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Life Transitions/Adjustments, and Relationships.

IG: @talktodrsteph




Middle Street, Harmon Ave, West Las Olas and additional parking by Las Olas Worship Center – 251 SW 11th Ave.


About this exhibition:

As a Matter of FACT, is an exhibition that amplifies the creative expressions of two women who refuse to be confined by societal norms. Through their powerful works, these artists challenge the status quo, fostering a sense of community and understanding. Embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, delving into themes of social justice, Afrocentric spirituality, self-exploration, and the transformative power of art.

Additional details can be found: nikilopez.art/matter_of_fact_art_exhibition

Thank you for your support

  • The Law Offices of Megan D. Widmeyer
  • Trish Delish Art& Jane Kreinberg, Fine Art Photography
  • #realestateologist Amy McGrotty, JD
  • Barbara and Fran
  • DJ Onestar

About 1310 Gallery

The 1310 Gallery at the Artspace Sailboat Bend Lofts, is a live/work art community in downtown Fort Lauderdale built by Art Space (artspace.org). Artspace’s mission is to create, foster, and preserve affordable space for artists and arts organizations. This 37-unit loft space houses both visual and performing artists. Sailboat Bend Artists Community has been open since April 2008.

The artists come together with various local artists, nonprofits, and art groups to create art exhibits, film screenings, workshops, and more in their three-floor gallery space.


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Date: June 10, 2023
Duration: 1 Day